iuliana varodi               

Alumna of Advanced Performance Art and Scenography Studies (Belgium, 2010) and of TU Cluj-Napoca (Romania, 1995)

ARTISTIC RESEARCH: intermittent & intertwined
In my artistic work - whether it is photography, writing or installations, choreography / performance art, I am interested in the blur area in which sound becomes word, gesture becomes dance, shades and shapes become images. In other words, in the birthing and vanishing of meaning, and how meaning relates to sense as direction and as intention, and - as a next layer - when any of these become art. I create in different media which I then juxtapose. Both stages are intuitive, while a lot of introspection and reflection precedes the making, and rational choices are made in post-production. As an artist, I walk on a thin path that meanders in and out of institutional art spaces, with a preference for pursuing long-term, solitary projects that once in a while bring me in established contexts. On my way, I might break a tiny branch from a tree and graft it into another. I currently work on a publication that will cover the main themes of my work from 2003 to 2023: intuitive knowledge production, performing artistic research and my Asian Journeys >> read more here.

Wandering and wondering ~ artistic research questions and approaches, guest lectures for MA students (HKU, Kala Bhavana)
Mentoring a master student on artistic research and dissemination (website design) via Toneelacademie Maastricht
Guest-lecture Eerlijkheid als persoonijke verhouding tot Rechtvaardigheid,
LUCA School of Arts in Genk
Teaching Daoyin (a Taoist body practice developed by Dr. Dan Vercammen) to small groups in Cluj-Napoca
Mentoring artists on how to think and make their websites ~ FuseeDoree.com and Diego-Gil.com ~ in Amsterdam
Dissemination as Artistic Practice, leading a one-week workshop for PhD students at ENS des beaux-arts de Lyon
Teaching Eveil Corporel classes to 4 - 6 years old children in French schools in Clermont-Ferrand

River and Ocean, short essay, Estuaries: Ways of knowing, ARIAS (Rietveld Academy, UvA, VU, Sandberg Institute, AHK)
Language as Home, contribution to Practice Sharing, language-based artistic research, The Reseach Catalogue
Dissemination as Artistic Practice, presentation for the colloquium ‘Evaluating Research in the Arts’ at VUB in Brussels
As sweet as it can get, out and about in Molenbeek, essay, contribution to group catalogue, La Bellone, Brussels
a dream. a story., very short essay, contribuition to Decentre, Concerning artist-run culture, YYZBOOKS, Toronto
Versuri in zbor, lacrimi pulbere de soare, poetry, Editura NICO, Targu Mures
QuoVadis, guest of Margareta Puscas, Radio Romania Targu Mures, radio interview about the Asian Journeys
Aproapele vazut de departe, interview in Cuvantul Liber, local newspaper, Targu Mures

Mira and the Sage, grant offered by la DRAC Auvergne (French Ministry of Culture)
OnlineWhiteCube, advocating open source editors and minimalist design, grant offered by ARDTA, Clermont-Ferrand
Not Here Not There, dance & video, hosted by Romanian Cultural Institute Paris (grant) and CND Pantin, Paris

ART DIRECTION / artist run a-i-r as artistic praxis
morisena was an artist-in-residence centre that I've set up and directed as a garden-centred context for exploring creativity and collaboration in a spirit of Permaculture and local traditions. Renovating the location, initiating and producing two collaborative art projects: Hitchhiking to Transylvania and TransyMusic
musafir foundation - a foundation set up symbolically, as a manifesto for welcoming travelers as guests

River and Sky, Photographs of the valley of Ganges in India, De Donkere Kamer #18, Genk
I Was Here Too / On My Way, residency, interventions, journaling, Centre Z33, Hasselt
Idiosyncratically here, The Stranger as a Lens, three performances, Theatre Festival, Antwerp

France, Fasting, Feasting, residency, performance, writing, PAF in St. Erne

Fata Morgana, India, installation-performance, Art Museum of Cluj-Napoca
24 Hours at Home in Europe, group exhibition, photography, Trans Europe Halles
Rite. Rhythm. India., photography and book launch, Teatru74, Targu Mures

In suflet, India (Within Soul, India), photography, Galeria Foto AzoMures, Targu Mures
People of India, photography, MacBike, Amsterdam

CONSULTANCY and PROJECT MANAGEMENT: a seven years trajectory

Optimisation of project management methods, managing new media projects in the fields of culture and education (at Designserver and Waag Society) with partners such as Amnesty International, Africaserver, Central Museum Utrecht, UvA, VU Medical Center and TNO. IT consultancy for various corporations usch as KLM, Schiphol Group, JobTrack, Nissan Europe H.Q..