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For advice, project management and art direction (in English and Dutch) in the cultural and higher art education sectors please contact me at iulianavarodi [at] gmail [dot] com or via my LinkedIn page. I also offer:

* intersectional, qualitative research and advice in the fields of higher art education, urban development, sustainability, inclusion and diversity, intercultural learning

* designing and co-developing course material for art programs related to artistic research, performance art, photography, new-media

* guest-lectures on topics such as qualitative, intersectional, intuitive research, bricolage, traveling as art, language, cross-cultural encounters, transdisciplinary approaches to learning/research, cultural appropriation

* contributions to artistic research platforms on topics such as intuitive art practices, otherness, cross-cultural learning, cultural appropriation, de-technologisation, traveling as art, language, passion as re(source)

* guiding undergraduate and master's students with regard to their artistic research: formulating research questions, choosing and devising methods and tools for research, dissemination of work

* body and voice awareness for dancers, actors and musicians based on practices of Taichi, Yoga, Feldenkrais and Vipassana

My approach comes with a blend of strategic thinking, a touch of poesis and genuine attention for the human aspect in all contexts. Depending on the topic and constellation, I device customised approaches for each equation, integrating management skills with various artistic research tactics.

~ ~ ~ Recommendations

Iuliana has worked as a research and policy advisor for ArtEZ from August - December 2021, in which she has developed a policy for dealing with the different languages. She is self-propelling and has delivered a thorough and readable final document. In a very interactive process throughout the different entities with ArtEZ, she went beyond the instrumental approach. She addressed also the social, cultural and philosophical aspects that play a role, linking it to inclusion and diversity. That has greatly helped her connection to, and acceptance by our community of artist educators. Her proposed scenario was well-received by all senior management and is now implemented within ArtEZ. We are grateful for her contribution to our organization on this sensitive topic.
Maarten Bremer, Executive Board of ArtEZ

Between August 2004 and August 2005, Iuliana worked as a Senior Project Manager at Waag Society. Her responsibilities comprised the overall management (substantive, organisational and financial) of the projects that were entrusted to het by the management of Waag Society. She was a pleasure to work with.
Waag Society

Iuliana has been working for us as a Project Manager from September 2001 till December 2002. She was an excellent Project Manager, helping us implement a new project administration as well as being in charge of leading teams in the process of conceiving, designing, building and delivering new media products and intermediating with clients. Furthermore, she was an inspiring colleague.
Marco Legemaate, Designserver VOF

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