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Hitchhiking to Transylvania  
August 2007 
at  m o r i s e n a

Initial concept

It was early spring 2007 when I started to place calls on art related websites, inviting artists to participate at this project. According to the initial concept, the artists would hitchhike to Transylvania and we would make a collective video together, inspired by individual road stories and the life in the surroundings, the Mures valley. It somehow seemed more feasible for the ten participating artists to work on individual projects, focus on final product and help each other out in practical ways. This has enriched and at times changed the course of the results each artist had, next to the ongoing improvised production process. A lot has happened behind the camera and it was a good – not always easy - experience meeting and working with each other. To my great joy, the last day before the final presentation, half of the group decided to hitchhike together to Sighisoara and shoot.  

At the end of the project a screening took place at Teatru 74, Targu Mures.

Dan Masca is the man we can never thank enough for the help and equipment he has offered at REEA, Heiner Holtappels brought in the decision-making of an experienced art director and helped in all possible ways. A few more friends poped in with unexpected help while others dropped their promises just as spontaneously  as they made them. I'd like to warmly thank Liviu Topuzu, Florin Costinas, Alan Marrero, Alexandra Cotofana, Traian Penciuc, Kovacs Norbert, Oroian Eugen, Szanto Arpad and Bardocz Csaba for the help and support they offered during the project.

Finally, a great thanks to my parents, who offered their house and garden for the twelve of us to stay and play.
Iuliana Varodi - initiator & producer